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Bike Trips

7 fantastic days, 7 fantastic bike trips all over Thassos
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7 days, 7 amazing trekking trips around Thassos
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Quality Bikes

All of our bikes are top quality and they are included in the price.

"Your holiday at your own pace!"

Renting a bike on your holiday is a perfect way to add a little fun and exercise to your sunny vacation but it's also a great way to see the beautiful Island of Thassos. Velo Bike Rental provides professional bicycle renting and hire services by offering the most modern mountain and road bicycles, plus tons of equipment to keep you safe on your journey.

Mountain bikes are often the best types of bikes to rent if you're going to spend most of your excursion off paved roads. Thick tires, disc brakes and front suspension combine for a very steady ride.

We understand that not everyone is at the same skill level or fitness level, thus we offer a wide variety of bicycles to choose from - so you feel comfortable while you ride.

Although we have various MTB hire bikes available in different frame sizes and mountain bike rental models, we kindly request you to make your mountain bike rental reservations with the mountain bike hire center in Thassos on time, in order for you not to be disappointed if the MTB rental bikes are all on the road during the main mountain bike rental season.

Velo Bike Rental, was established and is run from the beautiful south coastal resort of Potos. With a wide range of services and activities, we are Thassos most respected and modern mountain bike company. From mountain bike rental or hire, beautiful tours - excursions and even bike servicing - we cover a wide range of services to better serve the need of our customers.

Mountain biking in Thassos, especially the center Ypsarion mountain, is an experience not to be missed. With a wide range of geographic terrain - from low lying valleys to Thassos largest mountain peak (1,204m+) taking a trek across such beautiful country is the perfect holiday activity.

Choose from our range of tours, which vary from easy to adventurous, mountain biking to relax trekking, nature experiences to hard core down hill! The core of what we offer is grounded in our passion for biking, values and beliefs; Adventure, nature, sustainability, conservation, health, well being and fun!

We are dedicated to offering you something more, something unique and something unforgettable. Join us on one of the many adventures that we offer or allow us to create you a customized adventure experience!


What we offer

  • Velo Studios has top quality studios and apartments for your accommodation in Potos.
    velo studios potos thassos
  • Velo Bike Rentals organizes daily cycling trips all over the island of Thassos. Get to know this experience.
    velo bike rentals
  • Velo Bike Rentals organizes daily trekking trips all over the island of Thassos. Get to know this experience.
    velo bike rentals

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