The Grand Ypsarion Hike


Know what to expect

5-7 hours

Time needed

14.5 km




70 €

Per Person

Tour Timeline

Your tour in detail

  • Start
    This amazing Trekking day starts from the village of Theologos, following the old stony path.
  • Kamenos Vrachos (1106m)
    We will be going uphill an old stony path through the ancient “Itamos” forest and το the first peak of Kamenos Vrachos (1106m).
  • Ypsarion (1204m)
    After “Kamenos Vrachos” we hike next to the cliffs with the great view of all the east coast of Thassos till we reach the Peak of Ypsarion (1204m).
  • Break
    After a short but difficult hike to the peak we downhill on the other side to visit the shelter of the mountaineering club of Thassos for a short break and pictures.
  • Potamia
    The last part of the trip is the downhill hike from an old and famous path that drives you around a magnificent green forest with lots of waters and pine trees, till the entry of the old village of Potamia!

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