Renting a bike on your holiday is a perfect way to add a little fun and exercise to your sunny vacation but it's also a great way to see the beautiful Island of Thassos. Velo Bike Rental provides professional bicycle renting and hire services by offering the most modern mountain and road bicycles, plus tons of equipment to keep you safe on your journey.

Mountain bikes are often the best types of bikes to rent if you're going to spend most of your excursion off paved roads. Thick tires, disc brakes and front suspension combine for a very steady ride. We understand that not everyone is at the same skill level or fitness level, thus we offer a wide variety of bicycles to choose from - so you feel comfortable while you ride.

Although we have various MTB hire bikes available in different frame sizes and mountain bike rental models, we kindly request you to make your mountain bike rental reservations with the mountain bike hire center in Thassos on time, in order for you not to be disappointed if the MTB rental bikes are all on the road during the main mountain bike rental season.
We can deliver your bike at any hotel or pace you like in Thassos. For south Thassos the delivery is free.

You don’t have to pay if you stay in one of the following villages:

-Psili amos

If you stay in any other village the delivery will be an extra cost for you.

We deliver the bikes everywhere and the cost can be arranged by email or phone call.

If you are an athlete and you don’t want to stop training during your holidays we can plan together your training program with routes for running or cycling according to your training program.

We can suggest you routes with the best climbs or even train together in our cycling singeltracks or running routes. We can arrange also trainings together any time of the day you like so you continue your preparation for your upcoming events!

In our shop, we do also bike repairing or a full service to your bike.

If you need any components we can order it for you and replace it on your bike in one or two days. We can also support you with inner tubes, small tools, etc.

We understand the importance of your holidays and we are here to make them even more special. Stop by our shop and browse through a variety of cycling related products and accessories that will make your cycling experience on Thassos island much safer and fun.

Velo Studios wait to host you with their fully renovated facilities. We have apartments and rooms, but furthermore, you will find parking spots and a large yard with the barbeque. Check out our other website for information on accommodation types.